29 Sep

29 Sep

Japan Fest

Japan Fest!


Experience the Magic of Japan at Buxton Pavilion Gardens!

Join us on Sunday, September 29th, 2024, from 11:00 AM to 5:00 PM at the stunning Buxton Pavilion Gardens for the inaugural Japan Fest Buxton 2024, brought to you by Otaku World LTD. This vibrant celebration promises an unforgettable day filled with Japanese tradition and pop culture.

A Day to Remember:

Don’t miss this opportunity to immerse yourself in the wonders of Japanese culture right here in Buxton. Japan Fest Buxton 2024 is the perfect destination for fans and families alike to celebrate, learn, and enjoy a rich tapestry of Japanese tradition and modern culture.

Event Highlights:

  • Shopping and Exploration: Discover over 50 hand-picked stalls offering the finest in Japanese crafts, merchandise, and more.


  • Live Performances Enjoy a diverse lineup that includes:


  • DJ Manimal & Cerisina: Experience the future of music with their electrifying Hatsune Miku Vocaloid Tribute.
  • LJ English: Be moved by the soulful sounds of Enka, traditional Japanese music.
  • Aki: Marvel at the serene melodies of traditional Koto playing.
  • Jero11: Catch the unique blend of anime tunes and traditional shamisen.
  • Black Tsubaki: Rock out with this dynamic Japanese/Anime Rock idol.
  • Nattoheads: Dive into the world of anime with their vibrant cover band performances.
  • Derby Aikido: Witness the precision and grace of Aikido martial arts demonstrations.
  • Taiko Leicester: Feel the powerful beats of authentic Japanese drumming.


Activities and Talks

  • Activities: Dive into a variety of hands-on experiences:


  • Meian Maid Café Akihabara Experience: Step into Tokyo’s Akihabara district with an idol maid performance.
  • Learn to Play Shogi: Discover the strategies of Japanese chess.
  • Fox Mask Painting: Unleash your creativity with traditional mask decorating.
  • Kimono Try-On: Experience the elegance of wearing authentic Japanese kimonos.
  • Origami: Fold your way into the art of Japanese paper folding.
  • Japanese Language Fun: Pick up new phrases and enjoy interactive language games.


  • Talks:


  • Sake Talk and Tasting: Explore the intricacies of Japan’s famous rice wine.
  • Natto Talk and Tasting: Learn about and taste this unique and nutritious Japanese staple.


Food Delights:

  • Oishi Leeds: Sample a variety of traditional Japanese street foods.
  • Mayumi’s Japanese Food: Enjoy heartwarming, homemade Japanese comfort food.


  • Individual tickets are priced at £10, and a family ticket is available for £35 (includes 2 adults and 2 children aged 16 and under). (Online Booking fees apply)
  • Children under 5 enter for free. 

Plan Your Visit:

For more information and to purchase tickets, visit our events page at www.otakuworld.co.uk/buxton, Follow us on Instagram (@owevents) and Facebook (Otaku World Events) for the latest updates and exclusive behind-the-scenes content.