19 Apr

19 Apr

Titanic Immersive Dining Experience

An immersive Titanic themed immersive experience comes to the Octagon!


Captain Smith and his crew are looking forward to welcoming you and your guests on board the RMS Titanic on her maiden voyage.

Our Titanic Themed Dining Experience gives guests a chance to dress up and become a small part of history. The evening begins at 7 pm when Mabel Bennett, the first class stewardess, will call guests to their tables, imagining that it is the 10th of April 1912 and that the first class passengers are about to board the unsinkable Titanic.

Throughout the evening as a 3 course meal that has been replicated from an actual menu found on a first class survivor is served, you’ll watch how the Captain and some of the female workers on board are affected by the tragic event.

Much of the evening is interactive however the final 30 minutes are thought-provoking, respectful, and emotional.

The night is accompanied by a projection of the Titanic’s voyage and an original soundtrack.

Arrival at 7pm, approximate ending at 10pm

Please note the event is now sold out