The Coffee Van

Located in the historic atrium of the Pavilion Gardens, our Ice Cream Parlour offers a friendly, efficient service and is the perfect place to be if you’re after some quick refreshments.

With an excellent assortment of toasties, cakes, scones and other snacks, it’s certainly worth a visit.

Of course the main attraction is our ice cream, with over 24 different flavours you are sure to find your favourite ice cream flavour and perhaps discover a few new ones! From vanilla to chocolate to liquorice or mango. Let us know what your flavour is!

Our Coffee Van is situated outside of our Ice Cream Parlour and is open at weekends offering the most delicious and refined coffee available. There is an array of seating available if you want to relax, alternatively, you can grab and go if you’re just in need of a quick caffeine fix.

The coffee beans come from Buxton Roastery, who work hand in hand with coffee farmers to ensure that they can trace every bean to a reliable, ethical and socially responsible source.

We are very proud to work with Buxton Roastery Coffee who’s beans comprise of:

40% Brazilian Bom Jesus, its source, recently won one of the top 5 most sustainable farms in Brazil.

30% Peang Thai, who use the most environmentally sustainable methods to grow coffee. 

30% Ethiopian Limu, which offers a delicious and slight citrus taste to each coffee.

Although a Coffee Van, we of course offer a range of black, white, green, organic and herbal teas which come picked from the hills of Sri Lanka.